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Dual Degree Program in Engineering for Industrial Technologies and Bachelor in Business Administration (GITI-ADE)

This double degree is the first stage of the Program in Industrial Engineering and BBA.

The total duration of this program is 6.5 years. Over the course of the program students combine engineering studies with those of Business Administration. This implies a slight overload of work throughout the 6-year Industrial Engineering program. Business Administration studies begin in the first year of the degree and students who are interested must be enrolled in the GITI-ADE combined program from the start.

The last term is expected to be solely devoted to the Master's Dissertation and the completion of internships.


Students may have the opportunity to participate in study periods as international exchange students in the fourth year of the Bachelor's Degree depending on the host university, and/or during internships of the final term of the program.

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  2. Career & academic prospects
  3. Curriculum
  4. Academic regulations
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  6. Faculty

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering for Industrial Technology and Business Administration

  • Duration:

    Four years of the Bachelor's Degree GITI plus two and a half years of the Master's Degree. The Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration is obtained upon completion of the Master's Degree.
  • New places available: 90
  • Financial information (Per academic year, Bachelor): 

    Course fees: €1,653.75 plus nine monthly installments of €1,453.68 each.
    Information about study grants
  • Timetable:

  • This course requires full-time dedication to study.
    Classes in years 1, 2, 4 and 5 are taught in the mornings.
    Classes in years 3 and 6 are taught in the evenings.
    Diplomas are taught with the following timetable: 12:30 to 14:30 and 15:00 to 16:00
  • Information point:

    Information and Student Reception Office
    C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid
    Tel.: +34 91 540 61 19 / 20 / 33
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 13:30 and Monday to Thursday 15:30 to 17:30
  • Profile:

    It is recommended for students who have completed the current secondary and pre-university education preparation courses in the field of Science and Technology, having taken subjects in mathematics, physics, technical drawing and chemistry to facilitate the progression to Bachelor's Degree studies. Likewise, the preferred groups of the Advanced Vocational Training Programs to gain admission to this Bachelor's Degree are Electricity and Electronics along with Mechanical Manufacturing

    The main personal and academic characteristics of the candidate profile are:

 • Interest in scientific and technological knowledge.

 • Flair for calculation and logical reasoning in the resolution of problems.

 • Ease of learning, ability to work and organizational willingness.

 • Ability to analyze and synthesize information.

 • Responsibility when carrying out individual work, as well as an ability to work in teams.

 • Willingness to apply concepts and knowledge in practical work. 

  • Admission requirements:

    Completion of current secondary and pre-university education preparation course (or equivalent) and University Entrance Exam, both passed in the regular examination period of May/June.

    Students from foreign education systems:
    University Entrance Exam for Foreigners (PAU), except for students who have studied under education systems in EU countries or countries which have agreements with Spain in this regard and who fulfill the academic requirements in their home education systems for admission to university. For more information about admission requirements for this group of students or about the organization of the University Entrance Exam for Foreigners (PAU), please visit the 'UNED' website
  • Admission process and criteria:

    Admissions Tests (the university's own) will take place on May 19 2018. For more information on the admissions process or about the organization, structure, composition or weighting of the Admissions Tests, please consult 'Admissions Process for ICAI School of Engineering' 


Graduate´s Profile

The multidisciplinary and inclusive training of industrial engineers has made them the most sought after and professionally successful engineers in Spain. This program combines the traditional training of industrial engineers with transversal and constantly evolving training for leadership roles in international contexts. Thanks to all of this, Engineers from Comillas ICAI immediately find top-quality employment. Our engineers work in industrial companies and in other business sectors, and also take on key roles in some of the leading multinational companies in the sector.


Career prospects

ICAI Industrial Engineers are professionals that lead projects in the areas of National and International Industry, taking on responsabilities and qualifying for leadership positions gained with skills from their multidisciplinary education in technology and systems integration. Some of the career prospects are:

- Business Management: management of large businesses, technical departments, etc.

- Projects: site management, industrial projects, consultation, R&D&I, etc.

- Others: risk analysis, energy markets, etc.



Main Campus Alberto Aguilera, 23

c/Alberto Aguilera, 23
28015 Madrid
Tel.:+34 91 542 28 00 Telefax:+34 91 559 65 69 
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Transport: (Details)

Argüelles (Lines 3, 4 and 6); 
San Bernardo (Lines 2 and 4) y 
Ventura Rodriguez (Line 3)

Buses (emt):
Lines 1, 2, 21, 44, 133, 202 and C.


Faculty Staff


Abanades Sánchez, Alberto
Abenojar Buendía, Juana
Alcalde Lancharro, Eduardo
Alonso Alonso, Jesús
Alonso Martínez, Israel
Alonso Pérez, Estrella
Alonso Rivas, Eduardo
Alonso Sanz, Félix Mariano
Amorós Espí, Francisco Javier
Andrés Mascuñana, María
Antón Palomo, Blas
Arenas Pinilla, Eva María
Arrieta Dillon, Marina Patricia
Asenjo Vegue, Sergio Luis
Awad Parada, Tamar
Ayala Santamaría, Pablo
Azañón Montero, Alberto
Ballesteros Iglesias, María Yolanda
Bara Bancel, Silvia
Barrado Sánchez, Alberto Carlos
Barrera Moreno, Germán
Barrio Lamarche, Daniel Javier
Batlle López, Carlos
Beagles , Martin
Becerra García, José Luis
Benedicto Córdoba, Marcos
Caamaño López, José Manuel
Calle Cesteros, Alberto
Campos Fernández, Francisco Alberto
Canales Cano, Santiago
Cano Casanova, Santiago
Cano de Santayana Ortega, Mercedes
Cantizano González, Alexis
Carnicero López, Alberto
Caro Carretero, Raquel
Casatejada Herrera, Pedro
Castellano García, Alicia
Castro Cea, José
Castro Ponce, Mario
Ceballos Amandi, José Ángel
Centeno Hernáez, Efraim
Cerrada Canales, Lucía
Cestau Cubero, Silvia
Chamochín Escribano, Raquel
Chico de Guzmán Escrivá de Romaní, María Nieves
Cledera Castro, María del Mar
Coggins , Matthew Edward
Cogollor Delgado, Jose María
Coloma Castaño, Raquel
Conchado Rodríguez, Adela
Cucala García, María Asunción
Cuesta Pelayo, Iñigo
Dabbagh , Ali Asghar
de Cuadra García, Fernando
de la Peña Llerandi, Jaime
de Vicente Peña, Carlos Javier
del Real Romero, Juan Carlos
del Saz-Orozco Huang, Pablo Carlos
Díaz Pampín, Francisco Javier
Díez Maroto, Luis
Domingo Gil, Carlos
Echavarren Cerezo, Francisco
Egido Cortés, Ignacio
Ercoreca Llano, Ainhoa
Esteban Rayo, Andrés
Estévez Solis, Ricardo
Fabra Florit, María Eugenia
Fernández Alonso, Daniel
Fernández Bernal, Fidel
Fernández Cardador, Antonio
Fernández Carrión, Eduardo
Fernández García, María Mercedes
Fernández Magéster, Gerardo
Fernández Menéndez, Félix
Fernández Rodríguez, Adrián
Fernández Sánchez, Alfonso Marín
Fernández Vázquez del Mercado, Francisco
Fernández Villamarín, Silvia
Fernández-Daza Mijares, Francisco de Asís
Fernández-Pacheco Sánchez-Migallón, Atilano Ramiro
Fievez Billon, Cristina Patricia
Fraiz Cosano, David
Frías Marín, Pablo
Froc , Violaine
Gahete Díaz, José Luis
García Cerrada, Aurelio
García García, Emilio
García González, Javier
García González, Pablo
García Iglesias, José Miguel
García Mourelo, Santiago
García Ramos, Alberto
García San Luis, Alejandro
García-Gutiérrez Báez, Carlos
Gil Ambite, José Carlos
Gismera Tierno, Laura
Gómez de Liaño Hernández, María Concepción
Gómez-Escalonilla Torres, Javier
González Arechavala, Yolanda
González Elías, Antonio
González Gascón y Marín, Pablo
Grossmann , Matthias
Guardiola Arnanz, Jesús
Guy , Jean Philippe
Haas , Anita Elfriede Paulin
Herranz Jiménez, Jose Luis
Herrero Fuerte, Javier
Herrero Gallego, Ignacio
Herrero Palomino, Marta
Hidalgo Romo, Raúl
Hill Froehlich, Sarah Jane
Hubbard , Glenn Donald
Hueso Kortekaas, Catalina
Hunte , Bernd
Jiménez Calzado, Mariano
Jiménez Casas, Angela
Jiménez Octavio, Jesús Ramón
Laloux Dallemagne, Damien
Latorre Canteli, Jesús María
Lausell Melón, Victor
Linares Hurtado, José Ignacio
Linares Llamas, Pedro
Lizón Martínez, Santiago
Lobato Miguélez, Enrique
López López, Álvaro Jesús
López Valdés, Francisco José
Lorente Pedreille, Raquel María
Magistrali , Danilo
Malagón Luque, Constantino
Manini Gumz, Javier
Maroto Carro, Juan Carlos
Márquez Vigil, Javier
Martín Herrera, Francisco Javier
Martín Martínez, Francisco María
Martín Sastre, Carlos
Martínez Muñoz, Miguel
Maté Jiménez, Carlos
McGuinness , Julie
Menéndez Sánchez, José María
Mochón Castro, Luis Manuel
Morales Polo, Carlos
Moratilla Soria, Beatriz Yolanda
Moreno Carbonell, Santiago
Moreno Serrano, Enrique
Munilla López, Javier
Muñoz Frías, José Daniel
Muñoz Hernández, Alfonso
Nieto Fuentes, José
Nieto Fuentes, Francisco
Nocilla , Sabina
Norverto Moriñigo, Juan
Ochoa Giménez, Miguel
Ortiz Marcos, Susana
Owens , Rachel Catherine
Padierna Díaz, Álvaro
Pagola Menéndez, Sofía Cristina
Palencia Ruiz, Laura
Paz Jiménez, Eva
Pérez Domínguez, José Rúben
Pérez Sanz, Luis Ángel
Peyrou Tubert, Mariano
Picatoste Calvo, Enrique
Pigott , Kelley Morris
Pilo de la Fuente, Eduardo
Pinela Ocaña, Jose Luis
Ponce Cintas, Francisco Javier
Porras Galán, José
Porrero Soriano, Javier
Portela González, José
Prada Nogueira, Isaac
Prieto Fernández, Leopoldo
Puente Águeda, Cristina
Ramírez Santa-Pau, Federico
Ramos Aguilar, Marta María
Ramos Galán, Andrés
Rayado Guerrero, Luis
Rebollo Rico, Ignacio
Revuelta Aramburu, Marta
Rivier Abbad, Michel Luis
Roch Dupré, David
Rodilla Rodríguez, Pablo
Rodrigo Hitos, Javier
Rodríguez Argente del Castillo, José
Rodríguez Herrerías, Pablo
Rodríguez Messmer, Egbert Daniel
Rodríguez Mondéjar, José Antonio
Rodríguez Montes, Julián
Rodríguez Pecharromán, Ramón
Rodríguez-Morcillo García, Carlos
Romero Mora, José Carlos
Rouco Rodríguez, Luis
Sáenz Nuño, María Ana
Sampedro Feito, Jorge
Sánchez Carazo, María Teresa
Sánchez Medina, Alfonso Carlos
Sánchez Miralles, Álvaro
Sánchez Úbeda, Eugenio Francisco
Santamaría Codesal, Jorge
Santos Montes, Ana María
Sanz Bayón, Pablo
Sanz Fernández, Iñigo
Sanz Peinado, Alejandro
Sarandeses Yebra-Pimentel, Sabela
Schneider , Susanne
Serrano Alonso, Carmen
Serrano Remon, Ignacio Pablo
Sierra Alarcón, Francisco Javier
Sigerist , Anke
Sigrist , Lukas
Simón Muela, Adán
Soler Soneira, David
Suárez Valdeolivas, Ignacio
Szczerbik , Carrie Ellen
Tatay Nieto, Jaime
Tato Ribera, Cristina
Tejada Arango, Diego Alejandro
Tejedor Noguerales, Javier
Tejero Yagüe, Miguel
Tobías Moreno, Fernando
Torres Pozas, Juan
Torres Ruiz-Huerta, Mónica
Turner , Christopher Michael
Ugedo Álvarez-Ossorio, Alejandro
Urretavizcaya González, José María
Vallez Fernández, Carlos Miguel
Vázquez Bravo, Oswaldo
Velasco Valencia, Raúl
Ventosa Rodríguez, Mariano
Vilar Guerrero, María Luisa
Villacañas Palomo, José Antonio
Villalba Rosa, Francisco José
Villanueva Pesqueira, Manuel
Vitón de Antonio, José Ignacio
Wilkinson , Ruth Gillian
Wogrin , Sonja
Wright , Christopher Ian
Zabalegui Sanz, Fermín
Zafra Palacios, Manuel Luis
Zamora Macho, Juan Luis