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ICAI Admission Process

All degree programs offered at Pontificia Comillas University, both undergraduate or postgraduate, should comply with Access Requirements and Admission Criteria, details of which depend on each particular program.

Access requirements are related with previous academic degrees that allows the student to apply for the admission in a degree program.

Admission Criteria is related with the selection process of students applying to each degree. For example, the admission to any undergraduate program (grado) is not based exclusively on the National Spanish Exam for accessing University (prueba de acceso a la universidad P.A.U.), it is based on a wider but more specific set of selection tests adapted to each particular degree program. Those admission tests may include: IQ tests, school curriculum, presentation letters, personal interview, etc.

For each degree program it is clearly defined which are the Access Requirements and Admission Criteria.

Chronologically the admission process can be summarized in 5 steps:

1Visit our center during the Open House day. This step is not mandatory, but it is very important to know each possible center in order to make the right choice. It is a good chance to visit laboratories, talk to current students and teachers, gather additional information, etc.

2Apply for admission.Admission process is started via Internet after deciding which degree to study. If necessary, it is possible to apply for financial aid at the same time.

3Take the test on the day specified by each center. On the website of each center there is information about the type of tests and some samples of real test used in previous years.

4Decision and PAU. Communications about admission are sent at the end of May. But even if a student has been admitted, he/she must take the PAU exam because that is a legal requirement in Spain to access any University.

5Enroll in college. Once admitted, the student must submit the paperwork before the end of July. Classes will start the first monday of September. There are optional orientation sessions (Campus preuniversitario) at the end of August.