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Personal, Communicative and Professional Skills diploma (DH)


The University's stragetic plan for the period 2014-2018 establishes the advancement integral training of students as one of its priority objetives. The proposal to modify the current Diploma is in-keeping with Action 2 of the above plan. Implementation of a Diploma for the development of personal and professional communication skills adapted to the needs of students for each course, associated with official studies and framed within the rest of the actions aimed at the integral training of the student.

When studuying subjects on the Degree or Master's in Engineering, students acquire valuable skills for the exercise ot the profession, complemented with the Diploma in Communication Skills and Studies in Foreing Languages (DCCELE). Nevertheless, in addition to communication skills in other languages, there exist other skills that require specific attention due to their fundamental or cross-cutting nature for professional practice and which must also be developed during university studies.

ICAI amains to offer all students a Diploma in Personal and Professional Skills that, of an eminently practical nature, strengthen those professional skills in demand in the corporate world. Among these skills, oral and written communication stand out, as they are linked closely with leadership and working in a team. Other skills necessary to improve professional performance are time and stress management, self-awareness, self-motivation and initiative. The skills related to management and managing people, also of great interest for the professional career of an engineer are developed more intensely in the final years. That is not to ignore other skills related to entrepreneurship and providing services to others.

The learning and training process for personal professional skills is coordinated between Degree and Master subjects, DCCELE subjects and subjects proposed in this Diploma.


Students will improve their oral and written communication skills in Spanish and in other languages and their ability to manage their work efficiently and to work as part of a team. Upon completing the Diploma, the student will be capable of:

- preparing well-structured technical reports and summaries,
- delivering efficient presentations,
- maintaining persuasive interviews,
- communicating correctly in English in a professional context,
- working as part of a team and in multicultural environments,
- chairing meetings efficiently,
- making efficient use of time,
- leading and managing teams,
- developing entrepreneurial and social projects,
- controlling stress and
- developing their self-motivation and initiative.

Although not necessarily professional skills, it is also intented that students:

- know the study techniques that are best adapted to them and
- are conscious of the advantages of a personal development plan.


The Diploma will be comprised of 54 ECTS credits, of wich 9 will correspond to the skills acquired in the Master's subjects and 24 to the subjects shared with the DCCELE. Listed below are the subjects, their total nomber of ECTS credits and a very brief description.

1. Personal Skills (3 ECTS). This subject develops basic study and learning skills, both from an organizational perspective, covering study management and planning, and from an emotional perspective, covering aspects relating to student motivation, overcoming failure and developing confidence.

2. Languages I (6 ECTS). Subject integrated within the Diploma in Communication Skills and Studies in Foreign Languages.

3. Professional Skills I (6 ECTS). This subject has three parts: 1) Introduction to oral and written communication in engineering, 2) skills necesssary for the correct development of professional activity as part of a team and 3) computational skills. 

4. Languages II (6 ECTS). Subject integrated within the "Diploma in Communication Skills and Studies in Foreign Languages”.

5. Communication skills (6 ECTS). Subject integrated within the "Diploma in Communication Skills and Studies in Foreign Languages which should include oral and written communications for the practice of the engineering profession such as, for example, the drafting and presentation of technical reports.

6. Personal Communication Techniques (3 ECTS). This subject develops the ability to communicate persuasively with the student, taking cognizance of the importance of emotional level, and developing skills

7. English for Professional Purposes (6 ECTS). Subject integrated within the ”Diploma in Communication Skills and Studies in Foreign Languages.

8. Learning and Service (6 ECTS). Subject which integrates service to the community with the learning of competencies, skills and values.

9. Professional Skills II (3 ECTS). This subject focuses on professional skills relating to working in multicultural environments as well as others oriented towards facilitating the transition to the labour market such as interview preparation, group dynamics and designing a professional career.

10. Entrepreneurship (3 ECTS). Subject recognized by 6-ECTS credit Master's subject "Creation, Organization and Managament of the Companies”.

11. Leadership and Change Management (3 ECTS). Subject recognized by 3-ECTS credit Master's subject of the same name.

12. Ethics and CSR (3 ECTS). Subject recognized by 3-ECTS credit Master's subject of the same name.