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Double degree under T.I.M.E. network association

T.I.M.E. is a network of leading Engineering Schools which offers promotion and recognition of academic excellence.

Students, chosen from amongst the best in their respective Universities, may study successively in two Universities of the network to be awarded two Master-level degrees from two different countries at the end of their studies.

In this program students typically spend 3 semesters (Master level) in each institution to obtain the double degree. The general scheme for obtaining a double degree from ICAI School of Engineering, Comillas Pontifical University, is the following:



Students interested in this option must belong to any of the non-spanish Universities that are members of the T.I.M.E. Association (see T.I.M.E. members).

A bachelor's degree obtained from that University must have been obtained, and typically first two master's semesters are completed before coming to Comillas-ICAI. 

Master degrees that ICAI can award in this program are:

Minimun language requirements are: English B2 and Spanish B1.

Tuition language in ICAI Master programs is Spanish and English.

There are no tuituion fees. Each student must pay tuition at the home institution.

Application and selection process for "Double degree under T.I.M.E. network association" is carried out at the home institution. ICAI must receive a list of pre-selected candidates by June 1st, final acceptance will be communicated before July 1st.


Specific bilateral double-degree agreements

For some T.I.M.E. Universities we have specific agreements in which language requirement, semesters abroad, and master thesis evaluation are predefined: TU-Darmstadt, TU-München, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Écoles Centrales in France, Politecnico di Milano.