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Comillas considers enterprise partnerships as a fundamental part of the mission of the university. We believe that direct contact with companies is the most successful way to understand the demands and concerns of society and brings the opportunity to contribute to these demands from the values ​​and capabilities of the University. Collaboration with companies (and other entities) extends to the areas of interest of the various faculties and include applied research projects and specialized developments as well as more fundamental research. Comillas collaborates with a variety of business areas: technology, financial services ... Collaborations can have different formats.

1R&D Technological Projects. ICAI School of engineering holds a very important activity in applied research projects for companies in the energy, telecommunications, rail and other sectors of the industry. Comillas applied research has become a useful tool for industry. (Contact IIT - Institute for Research in Technology).

2Research projects with public funding. Comillas participates in consortium with companies from all areas in projects funded by European, national or regional programs. (Contact OTRI).

3Collaboration in PhD thesis, Master thesis and Bachelor thesis. Participation in thesis or other academic research activities in topics of interest for a company, is an excellent way to establish contact with Comillas. Very often a prospective research project developed by an engineering student will show the potential of a research topic that may trigger the execution of a more ambitious project or that the company hires the student.   (Contact ICAI school of engineering through the Head of Studies).

4Chairs. A collaboration between Comillas and a company can be articulated by means of a Chair on a specific topic which is strategic for the company sponsoring the chair. Companies promote research and publication of results in journals, conferences, workshops and seminars. Companies like Bankia, BP, Garrigues, Iberdrola, Santander, Telefónica and Repsol currently contribute to research at Comillas.  (Contact ICAI School of Engineering through the director).

5Job offers and internships. Comillas prepares excellent professionals that are quickly hired by companies after graduation. Comillas promotes contact between students and companies through the annual Job Fair, and the program of national or international internships. (Contact Internships and Careers Office).